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Physocarpus, Ninebark, Physocarpus opulifolius, common ninebark, Atlantic ninebark, eastern ninebark, Physocarpus capitatus, Physocarpus monogynus

Physocarpus - Ninebark

Named for their peeling bark, Physocarpus (Ninebark) are upright, spreading, dense shrubs boasting round clusters of tiny pinkish-white flowers in late spring or early summer, followed by bright red fruits. They are primarily grown for their colorful foliage of palmately lobed leaves which varies in size and color from purple to coppery-orange to bright golden yellow. Their exfoliating bark adds to their seasonal interest. Cold hardy, tough and adaptable, Ninebarks are perfect for mixed borders in full sun or part shade.

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Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo' (Ninebark)

A vibrant player in the landscape for the length of the growing season, award-winning Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo' is a stunning purple-leaved ninebark cultivar with an exquisite fountain shape and incredibly decorative exfoliating bark.

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