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Native to the prairies, Silphium are coarse, herbaceous perennials with tall stems bearing deep yellow flowers resembling small sunflowers in midsummer and early fall. Attracting a wide diversity of pollinators, Silphium are robust plants, withstanding winds, cold winters and hot summers without complaint. They are perfect for prairies, meadows, wildflower gardens and naturalized areas. They thrive in full sun and require little to no care. Silphium are noted for their stems which exude a gummy, bitter resin when broken or cut.

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Silphium integrifolium (Wholeleaf Rosinweed)

Silphium integrifolium (Wholeleaf Rosinweed) is a coarse perennial with erect stems sparsely clad with pairs of rough, oval to lance-shaped, medium green leaves, 6 in. long (15 cm). Blooming for 4-8 weeks in midsummer to early fall, clusters of showy daisy flowers, 2-3 in. across (5-7 cm), with yellow rays surrounding a yellow central disk, appear above the foliage.

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Silphium laciniatum (Compass Plant)

Slow-growing, long-lived and eye-catching, Silphium laciniatum (Compass Plant) is a tall, coarse perennial with stiff and sturdy, erect, hairy stems adorned with brilliant yellow daisy flowers, 5 in. across (12 cm), scattered along the top half.

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Silphium perfoliatum (Cup Plant)

Very architectural, Silphium perfoliatum (Cup Plant) is an upright perennial with tall, sturdy, squarish stems clad with paired, oval leaves joined around the stem to form a small cup that holds water and attracts birds.

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Silphium terebinthinaceum (Prairie Dock)

Noted for its spectacular foliage and profuse blooms, Silphium terebinthinaceum (Prairie Dock) is a tall herbaceous perennial forming a basal rosette of huge, oblong to heart-shaped, dark green leaves, up to 2 ft. long (60 cm). From midsummer to mid fall, sturdy, upright, branching stems bear a profusion of bright yellow, daisy-like flowers

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