• Deer resistant plants, Deer resistant bulbs, Deer resistant flowers, Deer resistant shrubs, Deer resistant trees, Deer resistant perennials, Deer resistant annuals


    Animal pest problems occur in all seasons of the garden, but fall and spring are peak periods for plunder.

  • Drought tolerant plants, Drought tolerant bulbs, Drought tolerant flowers, Drought tolerant shrubs, Drought tolerant trees, Drought tolerant perennials, Drought tolerant annuals


    Discover a wide range of beautiful water-saving garden ideas

  • Full Shade Flowers, Full Shade Plants, Full Shade Annuals,  Full Shade Perennials, Full Shade Bulbs, Full Shade Borders, Full Shade Garden Ideas

    Full Shade

    Full Shade: no more than 3 hours of direct sunlight every day!

  • Salt resistant plants, Salt resistant perennials, Salt resistant shrubs, Salt resistant annuals, Salt resistant trees, Salt resistant roses


    Selecting plants which can handle strong winds and salt sprays will be key in the design of your seaside garden

  • Low maintenance plants, Low maintenance perennials, Low maintenance shrubs, Low maintenance annuals, Low maintenance trees, Low maintenance roses


    Create a truly low maintenance and easy-care garden without becoming slave to it