Garden Styles


  • City Garden, Urban Garden, Courtyard, Urban garden design, City garden design, Garden styles, Garden design

    City and Courtyard

    Design an escape from the hussle and bussle of the busy city!

  • Coastal Garden, Coastal Gardens, Coastal Garden Ideas, Coastal Garden Style, Coastal Garden Design, Coastal Garden Landscaping, Coastal Garden Plants

    Coastal Garden

    Learn how to design a beautiful, easily maintained coastal garden!

  • Formal Garden, Formal Gardens, Formal Garden Ideas, Formal Garden Style, Formal Garden Design, Formal Garden Landscaping, Formal Garden Plants

    Formal Garden

    Add a dramatic sense of scale and proportion to your garden!

  • Rock Gardens, Rock Garden Styles, Rock Garden Style, Rock Garden Plants, Rock Garden Herbs, Rock Garden Design, Rock Gardens Landscaping Ideas

    Gravel and Rock Garden

    Enjoy the fascinating world of rock garden plants!

  • Cottage Garden, Cottage Gardens, Cottage Garden Ideas, Cottage Garden Style, Cottage Garden Design, Cottage Garden Landscaping, Cottage Garden Plants

    Informal and Cottage

    Add romance, scent and color to your garden!

  • Asian Garden, Asian Gardens, Japanese Garden Ideas, Japanese Garden Style, Japanese Garden Design, Japanese Garden Plants, Asian Garden Japanese Garden Japanese Gardens

    Japanese Garden

    Check our Japanese Garden design ideas to style up your garden and bring that same tranquil serenity into your own backyard!

  • Mediterranean Garden Styles, Mediterranean Style, Mediterranean Plants, Mediterranean Herbs, Mediterranean Garden Plants, Mediterranean Garden Design, Mediterranean Landscaping Ideas

    Mediterranean Garden

    Introduce the Mediterranean panache into your outdoor space!

  • Contemporary Garden, Contemporary Gardens, Contemporary Garden Ideas, Contemporary Garden Style, Contemporary Garden Design, Contemporary Garden Landscaping, Contemporary Garden Plants

    Modern Garden

    Create a setting which feels inviting, personalized and artful!

  • Prairie Garden, prairie planting, prairie style, prairie plants

    Prairie and Meadow

    Add swathes of colorful plants and elegant grasses to your garden and attract butterflies!

  • Traditional Garden Styles, Traditional Garden Style, Traditional Garden Plants, Traditional Garden Herbs, Traditional Garden Design, Traditional Gardens Landscaping Ideas

    Traditional Garden

    Enjoy the relaxed style of country gardens with their flower-filled beds and borders!