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Gardening Tips

Find a collection of practical gardening tips to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Discover the best roses, award-winning shrubs and trees, acclaimed perennials to beautify your garden. Learn how to extend the bloom season of your plants and enjoy life to the full!

Favorite Hellebores for your Winter and Spring Garden

There are 17 Hellebore species. Most have been interbred, producing countless hybrid Hellebores in a rich array of colors and forms. Find the four Hellebore varieties that are the most popular and easiest to grow.

Plant Combination Ideas with Snowdrops

While extraordinarily good-looking on their own, Snowdrops however look most charming when planted with companion plants. Well-behaved, they make perfect partners with other plants and help create strikingly beautiful combinations in the garden.

Great Perennial Plants to Grow with Your Favorite Dahlias

Injecting color, drama and late-summer fireworks in the garden, dahlias look fabulous on their own or combined with other plants. Many are graceful and integrate well into most borders, creating appealing planting combinations and providing interest from mid summer until the first frost.

Tips to Create an Italian Garden

Traditionally, Italian gardens are "green' with few flowers. The plants are mainly evergreens, manicured into geometric hedges or topiaries.

How to get the Mediterranean look

Mediterranean gardens have influenced many gardeners, with their soft colors, gravel walks, brightly patterned tiles, clipped hedges, informal and drought-tolerant plantings.

Tips to Create a Provence Garden

French Gardens celebrate the pleasures of nature and farming and play with volumes, shapes, colors, perspective, and fragrance. They weave beauty and utility and do not hesitate to intermingle fruit, flowers and vegetables (even grand chateaux!)

How to preserve the Fragrance of your Lavender

To enjoy the delightful fragrance of your Lavender, long after its blossoms have faded, follow these easy steps.

Pruning Lavender for Beautiful Plants

While lavender is easy to grow, a few pruning rules have to be followed to get a healthy, beautifully shaped, mounded lavender plant that will last for years.

Planting and Caring for Lavender in Pots

Since not all lavenders are hardy, containers provide the opportunity to grow lavender that would otherwise not be suited to your garden. Place them in a sunny spot (at least 6 hours of sunshine per day), provide the right soil and plenty of drainage, and your Lavender will happily blossom and grow!

Best Companion Plants for Camellias

While extraordinarily good-looking on their own, Camellias however look most charming when planted with companion plants. Well-behaved, they make perfect partners with other plants and help create strikingly beautiful combinations in the garden.

Which Camellia is Right for my Garden?

There are camellia varieties for almost any garden situation, in a wide range of flower shapes and colors, sizes, growth habit and blooming seasons. 

Best Dahlias For Cutting

Dahlias are absolutely breathtaking flowers. They are widely available in such a huge range of intense colors that they can be used in any setting. All dahlias make tremendous cut flowers – the more you cut them, the more they bloom! Still, some are considered superstars.

Best Dahlias For Containers and Low Borders

For containers and low borders, the best choices are the shorter dahlias with more compact shapes. Keep well watered and place in full sun. You can count on these powerhouses to produce abundant blooms from summer through fall – with some producing up to 40 flowers per plant!

Creating a Lavender Hedge

Create curb appeal and learn how to create a stunning lavender hedge. There is nothing more charming than the perfume released when brushing the flowers as you pass!

Which Bulbs For Which Seasons ?

We often think of bulbs as tulips, daffodils or crocus but they include a plethora of other beautiful plants such as alliums, anemones, dahlias, iris and many more

Best Spring Flowering Bulbs For Cold Climates

Temperatures can drop to around -20°C (-4°F) during the winter, winters are long, spring does not last long and summers are hot and dry

8 Special Bulbs You May Want To Try Out

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus: these are the spring bloomers everyone knows. But there are hundreds of other, lesser-known beauties to plant in fall. Some are small and delicate, others tall and ungainly. All are fabulous. Wait till you see them!

Best Spring Blooming Bulbs for Warm Climates

Several of the fall-planted spring-flowering bulb varieties that mark the end of winter in colder climates can play a role in warm-weather spring gardens too!

Extend the Blooming Season of Your Peonies

Learn how to fill your garden with continuously blooming peonies throughout the season to up to 6 weeks!

Landscaping with Miscanthus sinensis (Japanese Silver Grass)

While all grasses produce flowers, Miscanthus are amongst those that draw attention and get the "wow" effect. Among the easiest ornamental grasses to grow, there is a Miscanthus variety for almost every garden use.

Designing With Bulbs

8 useful tips on how to effectively use bulbs!

How To Plant Bulbs?

Some useful planting tips for great results! Planting bulbs is fairly easy, but there are a few rules that cannot be ignored, such as planting depth or spacing.

What Is a Bulb ?

Bulbs, Corms, Tubers & Rhizomes

5 Daffodil Planting Tips

Even more versatile in the garden than tulips or hyacinths, daffodils can be used for almost any purpose. The great advantage to using daffodils is that they actually behave as perennial plants in the garden. This, plus the fact that they flower early in the season, means that they are indispensable in the perennial border. Borders that include perennial plants chosen to achieve a summer explosion of color will especially benefit from the early-flowering bulbous and cormous plants - and the daffodils are definitely the most conspicuous representatives of this group!