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Gardenia is a new platform within the gardening world, created with the goal of “connecting the dots” between inspiration, products, nurseries and customers. We believe we are filling a need in providing gardeners and would-be gardeners with exciting plant combination ideas, assisting them in creating their dream gardens, informing them on plant selections, and generally helping them create beautiful gardens and spaces in their homes or environments.

We started this website 5 years ago and we are pleased to report that over 4 million users have visited our website this year alone, and we continue to see growing interest and demand from amateurs and experts alike. Gardenia is ranked among the top gardening and landscaping websites in the US, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Gardenia does not sell plants but our clients tell us they want to buy plants

One of our key next goals is to seamlessly lead these gardeners from our articles to your products in 2 easy clicks. Selling plants is not one of our key goals; however, our users are telling us that they would like us to have this functionality. This has led us to try and meet our readers’ needs by linking directly to the appropriate mail order nurseries through our articles and website.

We have had good success in this initiative and we invite you to join other nurseries and start uploading your product catalog to our Gardenia site. This will enable consumers who visit Gardenia to shop directly from your website. We strive to re-direct traffic from our website, where users find gardening ideas, to yours where they can actually buy the products needed to fulfill those ideas.

We charge a modest $50 annual fee, no matter how many plants you include in your catalogue.

How does this work?

It's very simple and takes a few minutes of your time.

  • Create an account
  • Upload a spreadsheet which includes the information outlined below. If you have information about your plants in a different format as presented above, we can trouble-shoot a solution. Here is a format example:

  • We will upload your spreadsheet within 24-48 hours after verifying that Genus, Species and Cultivar information have been adequately provided.
  • You are then live on Gardenia!
    - Your business appears in our list of recommended suppliers.
    - Your products are listed in all our Buy pages.
  • If some of your products are not aligned with ours, we try to fill those gaps and write articles on the missing plant varieties to increase relevance to you.

You can try this out without risk or cost. Should you decide at a later time that your needs are not being met, we will remove all your information. We would be sad to see you go but would respect your wishes.

With the hope of a long-lasting partnership,
Isabelle Fleming
Founder / CEO Gardenia