Plant Combinations


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Plant Combination Ideas

All gardeners want to create exciting borders in terms of color, form, or texture. However, pairing plants in a beautiful or dramatic fashion is not always easy. How best to pair perennials or shrubs? What blooms with what and when? What plants to pick for a shady border, dry or wet soils, hot summer or cool winter gardens?

Our goal is to guide you all along the process and provide you with winning design ideas. We collect stunning pictures of gardens created by talented professionals and provide you with all the information you need to easily re-create them at home. We include a list of plants used, quantities needed, and a list of nurseries where to find them.

A Charming Border Idea with Allium, Nepeta & Grasses

Create stunning, easy care and long-lasting border combinations like this one. Inspired from prairie planting, this modern and natural planting combines the rich, cool purple flower spikes of Catmint 'Six Hills Giant' (Nepeta x faassenii) with the billowing blooms of Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa tenuissima), providing an attractive contrast and airiness to this border.

A long-Lasting Spring Border for Weeks of Color

A dazzling splash of color in the mid - late spring garden!

A Lovely Border Idea for Your Late Spring Garden

3 beautiful flowering varieties for a ravishing scenery!

A Casual and Impressionistic Planting Combination

A scenery that reminds of Monet's Poppy Field in Argenteuil, where colorful blobs of paint start from a sprinkling of poppies. This casual and impressionistic planting combination is fairly easy to re-create and requires little maintenance.

A Fragrant Spring Border for weeks of color!

Sweet scented, fresh and eye catching!

A Long-Lasting and Fragrant Spring Border

A lovely and long-lasting combination!

A Glorious Spring Border with Tulip 'Bastogne' & Tulip 'Judith Leyster'

A vibrant display of colors realized with 2 beautiful mid season tulips!

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Single Late Tulips

A classy, timeless and elegant arrangement!

A Festive Border Idea for your Mid-Late Spring Garden

Adds delightful splashes of color and fragrance to the landscape!

A Glorious Border Idea for your Early-Mid Spring Garden

A wonderful bouquet to offer to your garden!

A Terrific Border Idea for Your Early-Mid Spring Garden

A gorgeous flower carpet that will surely enliven your border!

A Terrific Spring Border with Tulip 'Orange Emperor' and Daffodil 'Sempre Avanti'

A terrific mix for mid spring! Both plants naturalize well and will come back year after year to create ideal colorful focal points in your spring garden

An Elegant Border Idea for Your Late Spring Garden

3 graceful tulips for a dazzling border!

An Early Spring Border Idea with Tulip' Showwinner' and Crocus 'Golden Yellow'

A striking mix of bright red and golden blossoms for early spring!