Dahlias are absolutely breathtaking flowers. They are widely available in such a huge range of intense colors that they can be used in any setting.

  • All dahlias make tremendous cut flowers – the more you cut them, the more they bloom! Still, some are considered superstars. Among some of the most desirable dahlias for cutting are the below beauties.
  • A tip to enjoy your dahlias as long as possible: immerse the stems in boiling water or sear them over a flame for a few seconds. This way, your lovely dahlias will stay fresh even longer!
  • Bred to produce exceptionally long-lasting cut flowers, the Karma Dahlia Collection is a line of eye-catching dahlias which benefit from an outstanding vase life (7-12 days).

Preferred location and planting

  • Dahlias prefer a sunny location. This could be in the border, but they will also thrive in pots on the terrace or balcony. If planted in containers, however, they will require large ones filled with enough potting compost for proper growth. When planting in the border, dig a large hole of at least 15 cm across and 15 cm deep. Cover the tubers with 2-3 cm of soil, tamp down the soil after planting, and water the plants generously.
  • These plants will also require sufficient quantities of water during cultivation, whether this is in a container or in the garden. This is important for their development as well as for the initiation of flower buds. A soil that retains moisture is definitely an advantage. When watering with a watering can, adding a little liquid fertilizer can’t hurt. The plants will then produce even more flowers.