No wonder Tuberous Begonias are extremely popular summer-flowering bulbs. They enjoy so many qualities!

  • A rich color palette with their beautiful flowers (red, white, pink, orange, yellow, purple, apricot, bicolor) atop large, dark green leaves;
  • A large variety of blossoms in size (from 2 to 8 in. wide or 5-20 cm) and form: single or double, ruffled or toothed.
  • A long blooming season, from summer to the first frost.
  • They thrive in shady areas where few other showy plants could manage.
  • And they are so easy to grow! With very little work needed, they will burst into bloom and add bright notes of summer color to the beds, borders or in your containers and hanging baskets.


    Begonia 'Picotee Sunburst'


    Begonia 'Roseform Red'


    Begonia 'Lace Apricot'

Tuberous Begonias typically grow 12-18 in. tall (30-45 cm) and are divided into various groups depending on the shape of their flowers (camellia, carnation, rose), their petals (single, double, ruffled, banded) or habit (bushy, cascading).

  • Tuberous Begonias do best in a location that has partial to full shade and light, rich, moist and well-drained soils.
  • Tuberous begonias are sensitive to cold. Plant them in the spring after the last threat of night frost, approximately 6 in. apart (15 cm) and slightly below the soil line (they rot easily when planted too deep). Water lightly until the plants have several sets of leaves.
  • Many people start up begonias indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date to get a "jump" on the season and produce earlier blooms.
  • In cooler areas than zones 9-11, dig up the begonia ubers before the first frost and store them dormant in a cool dry place over winter. 


    Begonia 'Encanto Orange'


    Begonia 'Yellow-Red Picotee'


    Begonia 'Dragon Wing Pink'