Extraordinarily eye-catching, Echeveria agavoides 'Maria' is a small evergreen succulent forming tight rosettes of fleshy, sharp-pointed, pale green leaves adorned with vivid red margins towards their tips. In perfect specimens, this interesting coloration extends around the entire top half of the leaf. Reminiscent of an Agave, each leaf is tipped with a small spine (hence the name). In spring and early summer, a flowering spike bearing reddish-pink flowers with yellow tips is on display. The more sun this Echeveria gets, the more conspicuous its dark coloration. Cool weather will also bring out the deeper color. A great choice for sunny gardens or containers.

  • Grows up to 12 in. tall (30 cm) and 12-24 in. wide (30-60 cm).
  • Easily grown in rocky, well-drained soils in sun or partial shade. Indoors, provide bright light. Once established, requires occasional water during the hot season.
  • Perfect for rock gardens, containers where spectacular floral arrangements can be created.
  • Virtually disease free. Watch for mealybugs, vine weevil and aphids
  • Propagate by stem or leaf cuttings in spring or early summer. Separate offsets in spring
  • Native to Mexico