Tall and graceful, Siberian Irises (Iris sibirica) are among the most trouble-free and low maintenance perennials in the garden. Beloved for their delicate flowers and slim, grasslike foliage, they are perfect for borders, wild gardens, and along edges of ponds, and deserve a prominent spot.

  • Blooming in late spring to early summer, their exquisite flowers come in an array of gorgeous blue, purple, red-violet or yellow with newer cultivars in brown and orange shades, and can have a variety of forms from upright to flat and round.
  • Though their flowering display is short lived, their handsome foliage of long, dark green, swordlike leaves, is attractive most of the year and adds structure to the perennial border. Remaining fresh-looking all season, it develops a nice golden fall color, which turns a rusty red-brown with the first frost.
  • Rather than let these charming beauties bloom lonesomely in a bare patch, give them companion plants and layer your plantings for maximum drama. Siberian Irises make perfect partners with other plants and help create strikingly beautiful combinations in the garden.
  • There is a wide range of companion plants that will bring out the best qualities of your Siberian Irises and share their space with a serene balance. Make sure you select any ornamental grasses, perennials or shrubs that have the same growing requirements as your Siberian Irises. Siberian Irises perform best in full sun or light shade, in average, medium to wet soils.