Bursting with flowers, hardy geraniums also enjoy a lush foliage which adds valuable texture in the garden. Incredibly tough, pest and disease resistant, they give a lot and require very little. Most hardy geraniums are ridiculously easy to grow. All they require is well-drainedfertile, and moist soil. A few species are even reliably drought tolerant in normal summer conditions.

There is a hardy geranium to suit most garden situations. Some do incredibly well in sunny borders while others prefer woodland settings. Some make fabulous weed-choking ground covers while others are well suited to containers or rock gardens. Most bloom profusely over a very long season, extending from spring to late fall (if cut back hard after the first flush of blooms starts to fade in early summer).

Don't confuse them with the lovely bedding plants called 'geraniums', which belong to the genus Pelargonium and are much more tender (very few are hardy). Hardy geraniums or cranesbills are perennial plants that belong to the genus Geranium and thrive in temperate climates with cool summers and cool summer nights. As would be expected, hardy geraniums are much tougher plants. Most are hardy to USDA zone 5 (-20°F or -29°C) and some are even more cold tolerant, such as Geranium pratense, which can withstand extremely low temperatures (up to -50°F or -45°C).

There is a broad array of colors and textures to choose from. If you are looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance, hardy geranium that will sail through the challenges of the seasons, you may want to review these guides.