Candelabra primulas are majestic perennial plants noted for their eye-catching flowers carried in numerous whorls up their strong stems, like a wedding cake. Very hardy and long lived, they are happiest in bog gardens, near ponds and streams and grow well in damp shady borders.

  • Candelabra Primulas enjoy a long flowering season extending from late spring to midsummer, depending on varieties.
  • They grow up to 1-3 ft. tall (30-90 cm), some adding architectural height to the landscape.
  • Clump forming, they self-sow profusely, ensuring that your display continues year after year, and create a wonderful palette of colors ranging from white, pink, carmine, red, orange, yellow or purple.
  • Planted in drifts will have the effect of stopping passers-by in their tracks. Team them with other moisture-loving plants such as Iris pseudacorus (Yellow Iris), Ferns, Astilbes and Hostas. They also do well with Rhododendrons and Azaleas.
  • Easy to grow, they simply require heavy, moisture retentive, nutritious soils of neutral to acid pH. The soil should never even hint of dryness.