Vigorous, Primula beesiana, commonly known as Candelabra Primrose, is a deciduous perennial with attractive whorls of deep-pink to purple flowers with a yellow heart. Each stem displays up to 6-8 whorls, spaced at intervals atop flat, basal rosettes of light green leaves. Native to the mountain meadows of China, this perennial thrives in damp, shady environments where it brings in late spring or early summer its brightly colored blossoms. Primroses are brilliant vehicles for adding color to the shade garden.

  • Easily grows up to 24 in. tall and across (60 cm), this plant quickly establishes to a good size by self-sowing and looks particularly beautiful when grown in mass. While winter-deciduous, it will return with vigor year after year.
  • A part shade lover, it is best grown in humus-rich, consistently moist, neutral to acid soils. This plant may be grown in full sun in cool summer areas, provided the soil remains moist. Mulch this plant to help maintain the soil moisture and keep the roots cool. Wet soil tolerated.
  • Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society, this plant is very versatile and can be used in partially shaded beds, borders, in cottage gardens or along streams, ponds or water gardens.
  • A low maintenance plant (Cut back after flowering). Watch out for pests such as aphids, vine weevil and slugs.
  • Deer resistant!