Brighten a moist and shady area of your garden with this striking plant combination pairing the delicate presence and eye-catching blossoms of Candelabra Primroses with the freshly, unfurled green fronds of Ostrich Fern. An easy and remarkable scenery to enjoy in late spring - early summer!

Candelabra Primroses include many species and hybrids and present whorls of flowers spaced at intervals on slender stems. Highlights of the bog gardens, they vary in origin and happily cross-polinate and multiply. They look their best when planted in drifts of multiple colors, their brilliant blossoms mixing well with the lush foliage of the ferns.
Here is a selection of popular Candelabra Primulas. Most plants have been granted the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society for their outstanding qualities. They are all low maintenance, virtually disease free and deer resistant. Pick those you like!