Admired for its long-lasting, graceful flower plumes rising elegantly above fern-like mounds of glossy foliage, Chinese Astilbe 'Vision' is an eye-catching variety with thick pyramidal, slightly fragrant flower panicles. Each plume consists of hundreds of densely packed tiny flowers, each opening in succession, providing a long season of bloom in midsummer. Relatively trouble-free, it requires little maintenance, is drought and heavy shade tolerant, attracts butterflies but is deer & rabbit resistant!

  • Relatively trouble-free, this Astilbe requires little maintenance, is heavy shade tolerantattracts butterflies, but is deer and rabbit resistant! The perfect perennial for a shady border with dappled light!
  • Growing up to 18-20 in. tall and wide (45-50 cm), this compact Astilbe is very floriferous and exists in pink, deep red and pure white. The refined, fern-like foliage remains attractive all season long (under satisfactory growing conditions).
  • Part shade to full shade lover, this Astilbe thrives in organically richevenly moistwell drained soils. Don't let the soil dry out! Mulch should be added to reduce water evaporation and maintain moisture.
  • May be planted in full sun in areas with cool summers with adequate moisture. In hot summer areas, shade is important.
  • Provides a spectacular flower show, whether planted in perennial borderswoodlands, by streamsponds or in containersPlant in groups for better visual effect. Excellent ground cover or edging plant for shady areas.
  • Plumes make excellent fresh cuts or for drying in natural bouquets
  • No deadheading is required unless you do not like the look of the faded flower stalks. If allowed to remain, the dried seedheads will provide additional interest later in the season. Should be divided about every 4 years to assure the maximum number of blooms.