Notable for its peculiar flowers and handsome foliage, Siberian Spurge (Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana) is an upright, bushy, clump-forming perennial which is perfect to brighten any border. It produces exceptionally eye-catching clusters of bright lime-green flowers in late spring which last for months. The semi-evergreen foliage of narrow, blue-green leaves, radiates from exquisitely branched mahogany-red stems and combines attractively with ornamental grasses, Alliums or Lavenders.

  • Typically grows up to 12-18 in. tall and wide (30-45 cm)
  • Remaining attractive during all its growing season, this remarkable plant is resilient to most pests and diseases, is drought (once established), deer & rabbit tolerant and is easy to care for.
  • Performs best in full sun in fertile, well-drained soils. This species is not fussy about soil conditions as long as they are well drained.
  • Perfect addition to beds, borders, containerscottage gardens or Mediterranean Gardens.
  • Remove the faded flower-head after blooming is over. Prune to ground in fall. Self-seeds freely if not deadheaded.
  • All parts of the plant are highly toxic if ingested. The milky sap may cause irritation to skin and eyes.