Gladiolus 'Albus' (Gladiolus x colvillei) is a compact Sword Lily bearing up to 10 slightly fragrant, 3in. (8 cm) pure white, trumpet-shaped blossoms with delicate yellow markings on their lower petals and bluish anthers. Highly popular since its introduction in 1872, this breathtaking beauty grows up to 12 - 20 inches tall (30 - 50 cm) and blooms in early summer.

  • This plant deserves a prime spot in beds, borders and is well suited for small gardens and containers. Plant in groups of 5 minimum for best visual impact.
  • Best flowering occurs in full sun in humusy, medium moisture, well-drained soils. This plant adapts to a wide range of soils except clay.
  • Provide consistent moisture during the growing season and do not allow the soil to dry out. After flowering, you may reduce watering.
  • Gladiolus x colvillei Group is a group including "Baby Gladioli" that are more compact, bloom earlier and enjoy a softer, less formal look than the Large-Flowered Gladiolus.