This plant combination demonstrates that ornamental and edible plants can be mixed together with great success.

Sitting in front of the statuesque Yucca gloriosa (Spanish Dagger) and surrounded by the fiery red blossoms of Geum 'Mrs J. Bradshaw' (Avens) and Aquilegia 'Crimson Star' (Columbine), or the electric blue blooms of Centaurea montana (Mountain Cornflower) is the edible Atriplex hortensis Var. rubra (Red Mountain Spinach). Pull off its tasty, soft textured, deep purple-red leaves and eat them in delicious salads or cooked like spinach!

For great contrast, it is interplanted with perennial plants exhibiting very attractive foliage such as the variegated sedum 'Autumn Charm' or the chartreuse leaves of Tanacetum parthemium 'Aureum'(Golden Feverfew).

Easy to replicate, most of the plants selected for this spectacular summer border are deer, rabbit or drought tolerant!