Beloved favorites of Mediterranean style gardens, Lavenders are gifted perennials which are full of talents including being delightfully scented. They blossom over a long flowering season, provide attractive evergreen foliage, and they can be used in a myriad of ways, such as edging, hedging, as accent plants and in containers. Since Lavenders maintain a consistent, attractive foliage all year in mild climates, they are an excellent choice for growing in front of taller annuals or perennials that die to the ground when their season of interest is over.

Here is an example of it, where the cheerful Cosmos blossoms look particularly attractive behind the fragrant purple flower spikes of English Lavender.
Both plants are drought and dry soil tolerant, fairly pest-free and low maintenance, excellent in fresh cut flowers bouquets and will reward you with plentiful blossoms and happy butterflies!