One of the most famous names associated with Helleborus niger, 'Potter's Wheel' is a gorgeous Christmas Rose. It features large, single, pristine white flowers, 3 in. across (8 cm), with overlapping sepals and adorned with crowns of showy golden-yellow stamens. Unlike most hellebores, the flowers face outward attracting interest. They are borne on short, dark stems and rise above the evergreen foliage of leathery, blue-green leaves. A very early bloomer, with blooms appearing in late winter and lasting until early spring. Perfect to brighten the shade garden!

  • Grows in a bushy, upright clump, up to 12-18 in. tall (30-45 cm) and 15-18 in. wide (37-45 cm). This perennial will self-seed in satisfactory growing conditions.
  • Performs best in part shade to full shade, in richhumusymoist, alkalinewell-drained soils. Hellebores are very tolerant and will grow well in most soils as long as the ground is not extremely dry or stagnantly waterlogged. Select a sheltered site to protect them from cold winter winds. Deer resistant!
  • Easy to grow, this plant is a welcomed addition to shady borders, containers, under trees or large shrubs, woodland gardens or naturalized areas. Plant in groups for best visual impact. Lovely groundcover when massed
  • Virtually disease and pest free but watch for slugs and aphids.
  • Remove faded flowers stems (unless you require seed) to promote new growth and for a neat appearance.
  • Ingestion may cause severe discomfort; skin irritant.