A very popular ornamental plant, Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearls) is a curious succulent vine with thick fleshy leaves that resemble glass beads. The threadlike stems are lined with tiny pea-shaped leaves which store water and enable the plant survival in dry climates. If the long stems can trail along the ground, they will root at the nodes to form a dense ground cover. Small creamy-white daisy-like flowers, adorned with long red stamens and bright yellow anthers, appear on short stalks in summer. While not showy, the flowers have a sweet and spicy, cinnamon scent. A great addition to hanging baskets or containers where this Senecio will gracefully spill downward.

  • Grows up to 1-3 ft. tall and wide (30-90 cm).
  • Easily grown in sandy, dry, well-drained soils in sun or light shade. Drought and heat tolerant, Senecio can survive long, dry periods.
  • Unlike many succulent plants, Senecio is a winter grower and summer-dormant.
  • Excellent for rock gardens, succulent gardens or Mediterranean gardens.
  • Deer and rabbit resistant, fire resistant
  • Easily propagated by stem cuttings
  • Native to South Africa