Anemone coronaria 'Mr Fokker' features vivid poppy-like flowers that thrive in the garden where their broad, bright faces are highly appealing.

  • The dark-centered flowers with velvety, purple-blue petals are borne on 10-16 in. stems (25-40 cm) and look quite dramatic in the garden or in a vase.
  • Big-flowered Anemone coronaria is a late spring and early summer bloomer that is frost sensitive and generally planted in spring in cold climates (after the threat of frost is past) or in fall - late winter in mild climates.
  • Flowers quickly and brings bright color to the garden.
  • Full sun lover, this anemone is easily grown in the summer garden where it is perfect for beds, borders and containers and is an absolute must for the cutting garden!
  • The small corms of Anemone coronaria need to be soaked for several hours before planting. They will grow in any type of soil which is well-drained and don’t like to be planted in a soggy spot.
  • Eating may cause mild stomach upset, and skin contact may cause irritation.