Crocus speciosus 'Conqueror is a lovely fall-blooming Crocus with large, goblet shaped, rich violet blue blooms adorned with bright orange anthers. Usually the earliest fall crocus to bloom, 'Conqueror' also boasts the largest blooms within the Crocus speciosus varieties. The grassy, green foliage emerges after flowering and may remain until spring, depending on your location.

  • Growing up to 3-5 inches tall (7-10 cm), this beauty naturalizes easily. It will come back year after year and multiply to create large colonies.
  • Easily grown in gritty, poor to moderately fertile, well-drained soils in full sun.
  • Perfect in beds and borders, rock gardens, cottage gardens, or containers.
  • To be planted in mid to late summer. Plant bulbs in drifts 4 in. deep (10 cm). Where bulbs are planted in grass do not cut the lawn until after the leaves have died back.
  • Propagate by seed, sown in pots in a cold frame when ripe or remove cormlets when dormant
  • Native to Crimea, Iran, Turkey