One of the earliest spring-flowering primroses, Primula allionii (Allioni's Primrose) is a small evergreen perennial forming a tight cushion of oval, mid-green, sticky leaves which are often hidden by the profusion of flowers. Blooming from late winter to mid spring, tubular blossoms in shades of white, rose or mauve, usually with white centers, delight the eye. The flowers are quite large, 1.2 in. (3 cm), for the size of the plant and held right above the foliage. Long-lived, this primrose is one of the best subjects for the alpine house. Great for the rock garden too. Its tiny size makes it perfect as a specimen for a container or trough.

  • Grows in clumps, up to 3-4 in. tall (7-10 cm) and 8 in. wide (20 cm).
  • A full sun to part shade lover, it is best grown in alkaline, well-drained soils. Protect from winter wet and avoid wetting the foliage.
  • Best grown in an alpine house, rock gardens.
  • Deadhead after flowering
  • Propagate by seed sown in pots in an open frame as soon as ripe or in late winter to early spring. Propagate by detaching offsets in autumn or early spring
  • Deer and rabbit resistant. Watch out for pests such as aphids, vine weevil, slugs and glasshouse red spider mite. May be affected by primula leaf spot.
  • Native to Maritime Alps of France and Italy on shady limestone cliffs.