Simple but stunning, this Mediterranean duo includes two spectacular Agave hybrids.

Created by Southern California plantsman and hybridizer David Verity in the early 1960s, Agave 'Blue Flame' is a stunning hybrid between Agave shawii and A. attenuata with large rosettes of smooth blue gray leaves. The graceful leaves are edged with tiny teeth and adorned with red brown margins. Immediately adjacent to this red brown area is a thin yellow green ribbon, which glows when backlit by the sun. 

Recently released by Rancho Soledad, Agave 'Blue Glow' combines some of the best qualities of its parents: frosty blue sheen of Agave attenuata; smaller size, solitary habit and terminal spine of Agave ocahui. Slow-growing and well-behaved, Agave 'Blue Glow' produces elegant rosettes of blue-green, chalky leaves with finely toothed margins adorned with a golden and red ribbon. A striking beauty which is particularly stunning when backlit by the sun with its glowing red and golden margin.

Imagine how gorgeous this duo becomes when backlit by the sun in early morning or late afternoon! 

The blue gray rosettes of these 2 Agaves are attractive in many garden situations: in decorative pots, amongst large boulders, in parkways and street medians, or juxtaposed against the strong lines of contemporary architecture. Both plants are evergreen succulents which require low maintenance and little water to thrive.