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Coastal Garden

Learn how to design a beautiful, easily maintained coastal garden!

Coastal Gardens can be places of beauty and interest where you can relax and enjoy the bounty and beauty of the sea. However, proximity to the ocean or sea must be borne in mind when considering what to plant. Selecting plants which can handle strong winds and salt sprays will be key in the design of a seaside garden. Luckily, many beautiful plants and flowers, if carefully selected, will survive and even thrive, and help you design the perfect coastal landscape. Consider planting native coastal plants or grasses. These seaside-hardy plants are well suited and have the added benefit of helping to control erosion and provide a breaker from blowing sand.

Coastal Garden Guides

A Beautiful Duo with Agave 'Blue Flame' and 'Blue Glow'

Simple but stunning, this Mediterranean duo includes two spectacular Agave hybrids. Imagine how gorgeous this duo becomes when backlit by the sun in early morning or late afternoon! 

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A Charming Mediterranean Flagstone Pathway

Who wouldn't want to stroll along this beautiful flagstone pathway? Interspersed with a planned wilderness of Mediterranean plants, its palette of long-lasting pastel colors includes low maintenance and water wise evergreen perennials.

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A Charming Mediterranean Stone Path

Who wouldn't want to stroll along this beautiful and fragrant pathway where clumps of Tulbaghia violacea spring up between the ornamental grass, Stipa tenuissima?

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A Coastal Cottage garden

Isn't this a very desirable coastal cottage garden? Most impressionist painters would have surely fallen for it!

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A Colorful and Low Maintenance Mediterranean Path

This stunning coastal garden path combines a mix of ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials, mostly drought tolerant, and providing weeks of colors. Created by Gardens by Gabriel, this low maintenance creation is a real delight!

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A Colorful Mediterranean Stone Path

Awash with color, this walkway combines striking Mediterranean plants for a long-lasting floral display. All plants are evergreen and their pretty form and attractive foliage fill the garden year-round. Low maintenance, they are drought, tolerant and deer resistant.

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A Fabulous Duo with Tall Bearded Irises and Sage

All plants won prestigious awards, are drought tolerant and ignored by hungry deer and rabbits. Enjoy!

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A Fabulous Duo: Rose 'Bonica' and Lavender 'Hidcote'

Ideal for planting alongside an informal path, Lavender forms a magnificent hedge with its attractive foliage, colorful blossoms and delightful fragrance that entices the senses!

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A Lovely Fragrant Path

Adorned with lavender in full bloom on either side, this path leads to a lovely focal point, an angel statue, which brings interest and a tempting destination.

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A Lovely Spring Duo to Try: Siberian Irises and Painted Daisies

Stunning, isn't it? Easy to replicate, this lovely perennial combination will provide an elegant and graceful display to cheer you up in late spring - early summer! Low maintenance, drought tolerant and deer resistant

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A Low Maintenance Succulent Border

Awash with color and shapes, this warm and eye-catching succulent garden is a real delight year round.

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A Natural Path

A jaw-dropping casual and fragrant gravel path winding across a superb mix of drought resistant and salt friendly plantings

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A Singing Mediterranean Pathway

This beautiful flagstone pathway is planted with a palette of long-lasting, brightly colored, low maintenance and water wise, evergreen shrubs and perennials.

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A Sparkling Summer Border Idea with Easy-to-Grow Perennials

How not to be magnetically attracted to this glowing perennial border of red, orange and blue. Wonderfully bold, it combines flower colors and shapes to create a spectacular effect.

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A Striking Mix

An original and ideal mix with which to catch the attention of onlookers or to hide a dull wall or fence.

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A Stunning Summer Border Idea with Easy-to-Grow Perennials and Grasses

Wonderfully bold, this perennial border combines flower colors and shapes to create a spectacular effect. All plants are deer resistant, salt tolerant and are top performers

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An Elegant Front Garden

This spectacular front yard is a beautiful marriage of colors, shapes and textures. These creative plantings raise interest and confer a rich and casual elegance to the area.

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An Eye-Catching Border with Roses, Salvia and Geranium

Will grab the attention! Roses, Salvia and Geranium always make a pleasing trio as outlined in this summer border

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Bouquets of Blues & Whites

Easy to grow, elegant and attractive in late spring or early summer!

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