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Japanese Garden

Check our Japanese Garden design ideas to style up your garden and bring that same tranquil serenity into your own backyard!

Designed for recreation, aesthetic pleasure, contemplation or meditation, Japanese gardens derive their beauty from mixing and blending basic elements such as water, rocks and sand, stone lanterns, garden bridges, garden gates and trees and flowers. While there are different Japanese garden styles such as rock or zen gardens where white sand or gravel replaces water, stroll gardens in which the visitor follows a path around the garden to see meticulously composed landscapes or small courtyard gardens, the Japanese garden design generally follows two basic principles of reduced scale and symbolization in an attempt to capture the natural beauties of nature.

Check our Japanese Garden design ideas to style up your garden and bring that same tranquil serenity into your own backyard!

Japanese Garden Guides

A Charming Late Summer Garden Idea with Japanese Anemone, Sedum and Grass

This late summer tapestry has been created by weaving together late season perennials and ornamental grasses. Rather than each having their own space, the partners each mingle, encroach and intertwine on and with the other as a reflection of their perfect marriage.

A Charming Late Summer Garden Idea with Japanese Anemones and Mountain Fleece

Bejeweled with Japanese Anemones and Mountain fleece, this late summer planting idea includes just a few plants that will bring a splash of color to your garden right when you need it most.

A Fabulous Yard

This spectacular small garden marries beautiful colors, shapes and textures.

A Fusion Courtyard

Space is at a premium in this small urban garden (15' x 30' - 5m x 10m), so Creative Outdoor Solutions used a minimalist approach in this beautiful retreat.

A Lovely Duo for your Late Summer Garden: Japanese Anemones and Oriental Lilies

Designed for late summer interest and color and extending its brilliant colors well into fall, this plant palette can be easily replicated in many sunny garden situations.

A Lush But Water-Wise Garden

This remarkable oasis, set in Wentworth Falls, Australia, is Arthur Lathouris's own garden, an award-winning landscape designer of 25 years of experience.

A Ravishing Zen Garden

Dreaming of a Zen garden, love succulents and want drama in your small yard? Not a problem! This project is a great example of what can be accomplished with limited space.

A Small Asian Backyard

In a small space, every inch counts. In this 20' x 42' (6.5m x 14m) backyard, many places of interest were created in which to sit, wander through, and view.

Modern Elegance

What a spectacular front yard design!

My Beautiful Zen Garden

This warm and eye-catching gravel garden is a showstopper with its incredible mix of color co-ordinated foliage plants. A simple but dramatic combination of deer resistant and low-care plants which never fail to make a strong statement, whether in pots, on the patio, in a courtyard, or rising from the border.