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Modern Garden

Create a setting which feels inviting, personalized and artful!

Modern garden designs are generally characterized by free-flowing spaces, the absence of symmetry and by sharp lines, both vertical and horizontal. They are based on a geometric layout and rely on scale and proportion to add drama in the absence of decorative ornaments. More focus is placed on materials or architecture than on plants. The material palette is kept to a minimum with smooth concrete used for walls or paving and limestone or slate for floors. Large slabs are often favored to create clean, uninterrupted surfaces. Planting tends also to be limited primarily to specimen trees, clipped hedges, lawns, and large blocks of simple plantings with architectural specimens. Reflective pools provide serene surfaces and bring light into the garden.

Modern Garden Guides

A Beautiful Lawn Idea with Chionodoxa, Anemone Blanda & Muscari Azureum

A lovely way of 'coloring' a lawn in early-mid spring!

A Contemporary Provencal Courtyard

Two thumbs up for this extremely appealing courtyard where the clean and geometric lines of the lavender beds are softly echoed by the silver-gray stone path.

A Distinguished Border Idea

What a fabulous and distinctive hedge! If you are looking for a low maintenance but stylish hedge for your driveway, this might be the one!

A Fun & Natural Path

We can't help but admire the gentle curves of this inviting path, the symmetric and geometric pattern of the gray stones regularly alternating with the green groundcover.

A Fusion Courtyard

Space is at a premium in this small urban garden (15' x 30' - 5m x 10m), so Creative Outdoor Solutions used a minimalist approach in this beautiful retreat.

A Wonderful Summer Border Idea with Easy-to-Grow Plants

If you are looking for a low care and long-lasting summer or fall border idea, you may want to try this combination of evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses, colorful perennials and low-growing sedums.

An All in One Patio

Making the most out of a small backyard patio space. This amazing back patio has it all: several lounge areas, a pool, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and a dining area, and even a bench on which to take an afternoon nap

An Attractive Shady Garden Idea with Ferns, Hostas and Agapanthus

Designed to be contemporary and to create a calm, tranquil atmosphere, this stylish garden includes only a few plants but is a real masterpiece of simplicity.

Let's Put Art On The Fence!

Tired of looking at your boring garden fence or your neighbors' walls?

Modern Elegance

What a spectacular front yard design!

Rooftop Retreat

Need more privacy from your neighbors? Here is a great patio idea. Acting as natural screens, lush plantings of graceful ornamental grasses …

Urban Retreat

Once a tricky, sloping, poorly used site, this area has been transformed into a highly functional garden and pool that has become the hub of the family's entertainment all year round.