Noted for their charming flowers and long flowering displays, Campanulas (Bellflowers) are a classic choice for beds and borders in cottage gardens or rock gardens where they bring great effect.

Campanula is a massive genus including more than 300 species of mostly perennials, but also some annuals and biennials. They are one of the treasures of the gardening world because of their diverse habit and bold flowers.

  • Bellflowers are cold-hardy, mostly growing in Zones 4 to 8. They prefer cool summer climates and are generally intolerant of extreme heat.
  • Growth habits varies across species and cultivars. Some are stately, tall garden plants which are excellent choices for borders or cutting. Among them are the popular Campanula persicifolia (Peach Leaved Bellflower), Campanula glomerata (Clustered Bellflower), Campanula lactiflora (Milky Bellflower).
  • Other Bellflowers are mat-forming or creeping and are perfect for edging or in rock gardens. They include Campanula poscharskyana (Serbian Bellflower), Campanula portenschlagiana (Dalmatian Bellflower) or Campanula carpatica (Carpathian Bellflower).
  • There is a vast array of flower color, ranging from blue, white, pink to purple, and flower shapes (tubular, bell, star, cup or saucer shaped).
  • Choose your Bellflowers carefully. While many are well-behaved or easy to control, some are vigorous spreaders and seeders which can crowd out less vigorous companion plants. Among these black sheep are Campanula rapunculoides (Creeping Bellflower), Campanula takesima (Korean Bellflower) and Campanula punctata (Spotted Bellflower) which can be quite aggressive.
  • Most Bellflowers offer a long season from late spring to late summer or early fall. Deadheading spent flowers will encourage additional blooms.
  • Campanulas are relatively easy to grow. They perform best in full sun or part shade, in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils.
  • Campanulas do not have serious disease or pest problems. Watch for slugs and snails.
  • Low care, most Bellflowers are deer and rabbit resistant.

All Bellflowers are beautiful and there is surely one for you.