Incredibly beautiful, Leucospermum 'Scarlet Ribbon' (Pincushion) is a compact, rounded, evergreen shrub with large, salmon pink flower clusters resembling pincushions and purplish-red stripings resembling bright red ribbons. Born at the end of each branch, they are produced in such abundance that they cover the plant from late winter to mid spring. The vibrant green foliage is tough and leathery, and spirally arranged on the stems. 'Scarlet Ribbon' is a charming hybrid which results from a cross between Leucospermum glabrum and Leucospermum tottum. It tolerates a wider range of soils and is slightly more frost tolerant than most pincushions. Perfect as a focal point in the landscape or in decorative containers. The flowers are long-lasting and great for cutting, so they make a unique, exotic addition to flower arrangements.

  • Grows up to 10-12 ft. tall (300-360 cm) and 8 ft. wide (240 cm). This shrub can be pruned before the flush of new growth to keep it more compact.
  • Easily grown in acidic, well-drained soils in full sun. Provide regular moisture until the plant is well established. Afterwards, deep infrequent watering will be sufficient. Drought tolerant. Use little to no Phosphorus fertilizer. Provide good air circulation
  • Deer resistant, Leucospermums produce generous quantities of nectar that attract birds and bees, assisting the pollination of the flowers.
  • Great for Mediterranean gardens and xeriscaping. Great for banks and slopes and excellent as cut flowers. Tolerates coastal conditions such as high winds, sandy soils and salt-laden air.
  • Prune prior to flush of growth in spring to maintain smaller size.
  • Native to South Africa