Blooming much earlier than most Creeping Phlox selections, Phlox 'Violet Pinwheels' is an evergreen perennial producing masses of starry flowers with notched, upturned petals, opening vivid purple and aging to a still-vivid violet color. Blooming as early as late March and extending into mid-May, the flowers are so abundant that they literally cover for four to six weeks the dark green, needle-like foliage. Forming a slowly spreading flower carpet, this recently introduced hybrid phlox is perfect for the rock garden, on slopes, over a wall, or at the front of the sunny border. This plant was developed by Dr. Jim Ault at Chicago Botanic Garden from a cross made in 2008 between an eastern Phlox species and a western Phlox species.

  • Grows only 4-5 in. tall (10-12 cm) and spreads up to 24-36 in. wide (60-90 cm).
  • Prefers full sun and enjoys humusy, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Adaptability to heat, cold, alkaline and possibly saline soils.
  • Excellent choice for rock gardens, slopes, edgings or ground covers. Perfectly suited to border fronts and lovely when slightly draping a rock wall. A great companion for tulips and daffodils... and butterflies too!
  • Trouble-free, requires little care.
  • Readily propagated by shoot tip cuttings taken from new growth in spring or autumn.