Wood Betony 'Hummelo' (Stachys officinalis) is a wonderful perennial featuring hot pink flower spikes that emerge on stiff, square stems from a neat mound of glossy, dark green, heart-shaped, emi-evergreen leaves with scalloped edges. Blooming for weeks from early to mid summer, the blooms hold their shape through the fall, providing structural interest even after they are spent. This plant is a beauty from the moment it begins to develop in spring and provides a spectacular display when massed.

  • This plant has a tidy look to it, without requiring any pruning to keep it that way. 
  • Aside from the interest provided by its lovely blossoms, it is drought tolerant (once established), deer or rabbit resistant and requires little maintenance.
  • Thriving in full sun or light shade (in hot and humid areas), in average, medium, well-drained soils, it generally grows in a compact rounded clump up to 2 feet tall (60 cm).
  • Pollinators are attracted to the abundant nectar provided by the tiny, orchid-like flowers that comprise the brightly colored spikes.
  • Hardy to zones 4 to 8, this plant keeps its foliage in warm winter climates.
  • Wonderful for edging, borders, informal naturalized spots or cottage gardens. Valuable as a cut flower too! Plant in groups of 3 or more, for better visual impact.