Rambler Roses are a spectacular sight when in full bloom. In this beautiful garden scene, two lovely rambling roses have been combined: Rose 'Dorothy Perkins' with salmon-pink flowers and Rose 'Princesse Louise' with creamy blush flowers, eventually fading to white. Blooming once in late spring or early summer, they may not repeat flower, but they make up for it with the massive quantities of blooms they produce in their main flush. Their long, flexible canes are literally smothered in roses, forming impressive cascades of colorful blooms.

Both roses enjoy a light fragrance. Easy to train, they add their romantic flower garlands to arbors, pergolas or walls.

Perfect at hiding the leggy stems of the roses, the violet-blue flower spikes of Catmint 'Six Hills Giant' (Nepeta x Faassenii) nicely complement the rose color schemes and form a lovely show against their gray-green foliage.