Fabulous planting partners for dahlias, ornamental grasses help create incredibly beautiful planting combinations. In contrast with dahlias which boldly inject bright colors and broad-petalled flowers in the garden, grasses contribute their beauty in a more subtle fashion through their transparency, luminosity, texture and seasonal changes.

  • Grasses balance the super-saturated colors of the dahlias with their subtle tones ranging from all shades of greens to rosy-pink, tan, fawn, gold, orange or burgundy in fall.
  • Grasses also add sound and movement. Extremely mobile when caressed by the summer breeze, their graceful moves are also accompanied by the soothing sound of the wind through their stalks and flowers, adding vibrancy and resonance to the landscape.
  • Grasses become incredibly magnificent when backlit by the sun as they literally glow and radiate with light reflected from their translucent stems, leaves or flowers.
  • Grasses provide year-round interest and request minimum care. Endlessly versatile, grasses can be used in a myriad of ways when combined with your dahlias - whatever scenario, they always interplay with grace and majesty and add a 'Wow' dimension to your plantings.