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Lathyrus Odoratus, Sweet Pea, Annual plant, Fragrant Plant, Climbing plant,Annual Flowers, Fragrant Flowers, Climbing Flowers, Scented Flowers,

Most Fragrant Sweet Peas

From a fragrance standpoint, not all sweet peas are equal. Some exude a faint scent, others are well scented, and some are intensely fragrant. According to researchers, the fragrance of sweet peas is determined by six major components and 12 minor ones. This is the combination of these major ingredients with the minor ones, which grants sweet peas their delightful perfume.

Coreopsis (Tickseed)

Coreopsis, commonly known as "Tickseed", are prized by many gardeners for the bright colors of their flowers and their ability to put up with most garden soils. There are over 100 species available and countless hybrids, including both annuals and perennials. Most of them are low maintenance, drought tolerant and enjoy a long blooming season, generally from early summer to fall, or even longer if deadheaded.

Cosmos Flowers

With finely cut leaves, slender stems and showy daisy-like flowers, Cosmos is a long-blooming annual which belongs in every garden. Ridiculously easy to grow, fairly pest-free and low maintenance, add this charming and graceful plant to the landscape and you will be rewarded with plentiful blossoms and happy butterflies!

Annual Sunflowers, Perennial Sunflowers, Planting Sunflowers, Growing Sunflowers, Caring for Sunflowers

Learn How To Plant, Care and Grow Gorgeous Sunflowers

Cherished for their beauty, Sunflowers (Helianthus) are striking ornamental annuals or perennial plants grown for their colorful summer and fall blooms. Fast-growing, they can reward you with glamorous blooms between 55 and 100 days after planting. Here are some basic rules that need to be followed to enjoy their splendid flowers.

Sunflower Types, Annual Sunflowers, Perennial Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, Helianthus salicifolius, Helianthus maximiliani, Helianthus occidentalis

Main Sunflower Types for your Garden

Grown for their striking and colorful flowers, Helianthus (Sunflowers) can be annuals or perennials, with coarse simple leaves and large, showy daisy blossoms. Native primarily to North and South America, they count up to 70 species.

Canna Lily bulbs, Canna lilies, Canna Rhizomes, Canna Tubers, Planting Cannas, Caring for Cannas, Growing Cannas, Canna Care

Learn How To Plant, Care and Grow Splendid Canna Lilies

Cannas are flamboyant tender perennials that provide a strong ornamental interest and immediately give a touch of the tropics in the garden or containers. Impossibly exotic, they bloom prolifically from midsummer to the first frost. Easy to grow, they stand proud and bold - provided some basic rules are respected.

Alocasia, Colocasia, Taro, Imperial Taro, Planting Elephant Ears, Caring for Elephant Ears, Growing Elephant Ears, Elephant Ears Care

Learn How To Plant, Care and Grow Splendid Elephant Ears

Often grown for their dramatic foliage reminiscent of elephant ears, Colocasia and Alocasia are terrific tender perennials that provide a strong ornamental interest and quickly give a touch of the tropics in gardens or containers. Impossibly exotic, their architectural shapes make them perfect for planting as focal plants or massed to create a tropical effect. Easy to grow, they stand proud and bold provided some basic rules are respected.

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