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Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)

Native to Southern Europe and Western Asia, Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks or Houseleek) is a mat-forming succulent, that produces irresistible, evergreen rosettes of thick, fleshy leaves. Cute but tough, their beauty resides largely in their infinite variations. They are available in a wide range of colors, from light to dark green to brown, pink and purple, either at the tips of the leaves or throughout the whole plant. The leaves may be pointed or rounded, glossy or matte, with a waxy bloom or with downy hairs. Their foliage colors vary with the sun exposure, the seasons and the climate.

Echeveria Succulents

Native to Mexico and Central America, Echeverias are regarded by many as one of the most beautiful succulents. Evergreen, they form attractive rosettes of fleshy leaves and often resemble plum-petaled roses, waterlilies or ruffled lettuce. There are dozens of species, and hundreds of cultivars offering a wide array of colors, sizes or leaf shapes.

Cold-Hardy Agaves, Frost Tolerant agaves, Hardy Agaves

Cold-Hardy Agaves for Your Garden

Agave plants grow best in the Southwest and Mediterranean climates, but some are quite cold hardy.


Native to the southern United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and northern South America, Agaves are evergreen succulents with handsome rosettes of usually thick, rigid, fleshy leaves with marginal teeth and often a sharp terminal spine. They exist in a wide range of sizes, colors and offer an amazing array of leaf shapes.


Mostly native to the Canary Islands off the west coast of North Africa, Aeoniums are fascinating evergreen succulents with irresistible rosettes of fleshy, pinwheel leaves. Attractive when not blooming, they are particularly striking with their bright racemes of small, star-shaped flowers.

Aloes - Pretty Flowering Succulents

Native to sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, and Arabia, Aloes are evergreen succulents with usually spiny leaves arranged in neat rosettes, and spectacular, candle-like inflorescences bearing clusters of brilliant yellow, orange or red, tubular flowers. They exist in a wide range of sizes, colors and offer an amazing array of leaf shapes.

Pretty Agaves, Small Agaves, Agaves for Containers, Agaves for Pots

Pretty Agaves for Your Containers

With their perfect shapes, agaves are versatile plants that add drama in sunny gardens but also in pots.

Cold-Hardy Aloes, Frost Tolerant Aloes, Hardy Aloes

Cold-Hardy Aloes for Your Garden

Most Aloes are frost tender and cannot handle a hard freeze. However, there are some Aloes that are remarkably hardy and can handle temperatures as cold as 20ºF to 25ºF (-6ºC to -4ºC).

Pretty Aloes, Small Aloes, Aloes for Containers, Aloes for Pots

Pretty Aloes for Your Containers

Small Aloe varieties are ideal to add drama, texture and color to containers. Easy care, waterwise, they brighten up the dull winter and are fascinating.

Succulent Gardens, Companion Plants, Perennial Plants, Drought tolerant Plants,  Drought tolerant Flowers

Great Perennials as Companion Plants for Your Succulents

There is a wide range of perennial plants that will bring out the best qualities of your succulents and share their space with a serene balance.

Succulent Gardens, Companion Plants, Ornamental Grasses, Drought tolerant Plants,  Drought tolerant Grasses

Great Ornamental Grasses as Companion Plants for Your Succulents

If you limit yourself to the succulent palette, there is a high probability your garden will look heavy and rigid since lacking the movement ornamental grasses provide.

Succulent Gardens, Companion Plants, Evergreen shrubs, flowering shrubs, Drought tolerant Plants,  Drought tolerant Flowers

Great Shrubs as Companion Plants for Your Succulents

Find a list of pretty shrubs that share most of the growing requirements of cacti and succulents. They will bring out the best in both the succulents and their world.

Agave americana, Agave attenuata, Agave bracteosa, Agave desmettiana, Agave havardiana, Agave lophantha, Agave parryi, Agave salmiana, Agave stricta, Agave tequilana, Agave victoriae-reginae, Agave vilmoriniana

Agave: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Here are some tips on how to plant and grow agaves successfully

Yucca, Yucca aloifolia, Yucca brevifolia, Yucca elata , Yucca filamentosa , Yucca flaccida, Yucca gigantea, Yucca gloriosa, Yucca rostrata, Yucca elephantipes

Yucca: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Here are some tips on how to plant and grow yucca successfully

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