Perfect for adding a burst of color to the fall garden, Colchicum (Autumn Crocus) bears big flowers in shades of purplish-pink and white in September or October. Resembling crocuses with its cup-shaped flowers, it produces its strap-like foliage, way later, in spring. Ridiculously easy to grow, all parts of this plant are poisonous, therefore it is diligently ignored by hungry deer, rabbits, and other critters.

  • Growing up to 6-12 inches tall (15-30 cm), Colchicum naturalizes easily and will come back year after year!
  • Easily grown in averagemedium moisturewell-drained soils in full sun or part shade.
  • Stunning in front of shrubsamong low-growing perennialswoodlands, meadowsaround patios or along walkways
  • To be planted in late summer for bloom the same year in the fall.

There are about 30 different Colchicum species found in Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor and Central Asia. For garden use, however, people have little to fear in regard to the plant’s poisonous nature.