Siberian Irises (Iris sibirica) are terrific herbaceous perennials, rich with many qualities: fabulous looking, long display season, easy to grow, low maintenance and trouble free!

  • Their exquisite flowers come in an array of gorgeous blue, purple, red-violet or yellow with newer cultivars in brown and orange shades, and can have a variety of forms from upright to flat and round. After blooming, their grass-like foliage consisting of sturdy clumps of upright green, narrow and fairly rigid, blade-shaped leaves, is also one of their most attractive garden features as it remains fresh-looking all season.
  • They are most spectacular in large groupings where they develop a bouquet effect and grow to a height of 2 to 4 feet, although some dwarf varieties are also available.
  • They tend to bloom from late spring to early summer, earlier than the Japanese Irises (Iris ensata) and slightly later than the Tall Bearded Irises.
  • Easy to grow, they perform best in full sun or part shade, in average, medium to wet soils. Shade is tolerated, but the flowering performance may be altered. While Siberian Irises enjoy a wide range of soils, slightly acidic soil is where these perennial plants will thrive. They are drought tolerant, even though they prefer adequate moisture.
  • Deer and rabbit resistant