Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella' (Swamp Milkweed) is an erect, clump-forming perennial prized for its brilliant clusters of vanilla scented, rose-pink flowers, which bloom continuously for weeks from midsummer to early fall. The flowers are a great source of nectar for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial insects. Sitting atop upright branching stems, clad with stiff, lance-shaped, taper-pointed leaves, the colorful umbels give way to attractive seed pods in the fall, which persist into winter. When the seed pods open, they reveal seeds with long, silvery-white, silky hairs that look great in dried flower arrangements. A great choice for the flower garden and for natural settings.

  • Grows in sturdy, upright clumps up to 3-5 ft. tall (90-150 cm) and 1-3 ft. wide (30-90 cm). Spreads via creeping rhizomes without being invasive
  • Thrives in full sun in medium to wet soils but tolerant of average well-drained soils.
  • Low maintenance, this perennial plant is generally pest and disease free. Deer resistant.
  • Perfect for sunny borders, cottage gardens, butterfly gardens and near ponds and streams. Excellent as cut flowers with a long vase life.
  • Plants have deep taproots and are best left undisturbed once established.
  • Stems exude a toxic milky sap when cut.