Noted for its abundance of colorful flowers, Malus 'Profusion' is an upright deciduous tree of spreading, rounded habit that is very showy in bloom. Opening from red buds, masses of fragrant, deep rose-pink flowers appear in pretty clusters in mid-spring. They are followed by abundant, blood-red fruits, 0.6 in. (1.5 cm), that mature in the fall and may be harvested for jellies. Attractive to birds, they hang onto the tree and persist into winter. The foliage of oval leaves emerges reddish-purple in spring, changes to bronze green throughout the growing season before turning amber, yellow, orange or orange-red in the fall. This flowering crabapple has a good disease resistance.

Provides food for wild life through the winter. The berry-sized fruit hang onto the tree and very little of it drops to the

  • Grows up to 15-30 ft. tall (4-9 m) and 20-35 ft. wide (6-10 m).
  • A full sun lover, this tree is easily grown in moderately fertile, well-drained soils. Once established, it is drought tolerant.
  • Perfect as specimen plant, in city gardens or cottage gardens.
  • Require only minimal pruning in late winter, to remove damaged, diseased or misplaced growth.