Erythronium americanum (Yellow Trout Lily) is a charming perennial boasting nodding, lily-shaped, bright yellow flowers, one per stem, in mid spring. Each blossom features elegantly reflexed petals, often brushed with purple on the outside, and brownish-yellow anthers. They rise well above the basal foliage of elliptic leaves, softly marbled with purple and bronze. Lovely in groups under deciduous trees, in rock gardens or near ponds and streams where it will happily multiply. This is a spring ephemeral whose foliage disappears by late spring as the plant goes dormant.

  • Grows in clumps up to 4-6 in. tall and wide (10-15 cm). This beauty naturalizes quite easily in the shade garden and will slowly spread to form large colonies.
  • Easily grown in humus-rich, acidic, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Needs moist soil, even when dormant, do not let the soil dry out!
  • Stunning in shade gardens, rock gardens, underplanting shrubs or roses, cottage gardens, woodland gardens or near ponds and streams. Because it goes dormant after blooming, interplant with late emerging perennials to fill in the open space (bleeding heart, columbine and hostas).
  • Virtually disease free. Watch for slugs.
  • To be planted in fall. Resent transplanting, therefore make sure you find the right home for this plant.
  • Native to Eastern North America