Native of woodland and meadows, Geranium sylvaticum (Wood Cranesbill) is a medium-sized, deciduous perennial which forms a bushy mound of deeply divided, 7-9 lobed, toothed leaves. In late spring and early summer, bright violet-blue, cup-shaped flowers, adorned with a white center are on display. A classic selection for shade gardens and shrub borders, under fruit and nut trees.

  • Grow up to 24 in. tall (60 cm) and 30 in. wide (75 cm). in. in height (22-45 cm) and spreads 12-24 in. wide (30-60 cm). Easy to grow, this plant requires very little maintenance.
  • Performs best in full sun or part shade, in moist, well-drained soils.
  • A great addition to beds and borders, cottage gardens or prairies and meadows. Perfect for underplanting roses and shrubs.
  • Cut back flowered stems and old leaves to encourage the production of fresh leaves and flowers.
  • Generally pest and disease free but watch for vine weevil, capsid bug and sawflies, downy mildews and powdery mildews.
  • Propagate by division in spring or propagate by basal cuttings in early to mid spring
  • Native to Europe.