Valued for its profuse and attractive fluffy reddish-pink bottlebrush flowers, elegantly swaying in the breeze, and held by arching wiry stems above a handsome blue-green pinnate foliage, Sanguisorba obtusa, commonly known as Burnet, is more and more recognized as a very ornamental plant. No wonder!

  • Sanguisorba obtusa is really an interesting plant that makes a lovely accent in borders, naturalistic woodlands or containers. Very useful and adaptable in the garden, it is easy to grow, pest or disease-free and rabbit resistant! Great for cutting too!
  • Reliable, this herbaceous perennial blooms profusely from midsummer to fall and grows in upright, bushy clumps, up to 3 ft. high (90 cm) and 2ft. across (24 cm).
  • Enjoys full sun or part shade in fertile, moist, well-drained soils.
  • Deadhead spent flowers to maintain a neat appearance. Cut foliage back after flowering is over.