One of the most popular ornamental grasses worldwide, Feather Reed Grass 'Karl Foerster' (Calamagrostis x acutiflora) is a majestic ornamental grass, highly valued for its erect feathery flower plumes, moving gracefully with even the slightest breeze. Fast growing, reliable, with a multi-season interest, this cool season grass is not only beautiful, it is also virtually care-free and quite versatile.

  • 'Karl Foerster' is a great-looking plant for the garden as it provides superb vertical lines, up to 3-6 ft. high (90-180 cm), consisting of a 2-3 ft. (60-90 cm) narrow clump of deep green, lustrous, elegantly arched, narrow leaves topped from early summer to fall with 3 ft. (90 cm) pinkish-purple, loose feathery plumes. As the seed heads mature, they become very narrow with a golden tan color that lasts through the fall season. The narrow, tight habit of this plant creates an 18-inch wide clump (45 cm).
  • 2001 Perennial Plant of the Year
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
  • Stunning as a specimen plant, in large borders or massed. Excellent for narrow spaces in the landscape, superb as a backdrop and mixes well with colorful, blooming perennials. Flower plumes are good for fresh or dried arrangements.
  • Performs best in full sun to part shade in average, medium to wet soils. Does well in heavy clay soils. Drought tolerant
  • Requires little maintenance. Cut clumps to the ground in late winter just before new growth appears. This grass will not self-seed in the garden because seeds are sterile.