What a spectacular front yard design! The sharp unique lines, the asymmetrical layout of the plantings, and the simplicity of the plant palette result in a well-structured and well-balanced area, which ties the house perfectly with the landscape.

Front Yard, path, pathway, walkway, front entrance, modo grass, COS Design

Combining modern design with a hint of the Asiatic, we can't help but admire the rectangular strips of Black Mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'), which encroach upon the walkway and offer a stunning contrast with the bright green grass and the ivory building and path structures.

All set below, a very appealing fence of alternating wood panels and bright white concrete.

Front Yard, path, pathway, walkway, front entrance, mondo grass, COS Design

Two thumbs up for this very impressive creation of Creative Outdoor Solutions!