Winters may be long and cold, but your garden can allay that dreariness and be transformed into a place of natural beauty with visually arresting textures or colors. Ornamental grasses are invaluable additions to the winter garden. Waving gracefully in the slightest breeze, they add movement to the garden, but also texture and color since most warm up to shades of bronze, tan or russet in the cooler months to create an impressive display. While the flower heads of late-season grasses are stunning in the fall, they continue to sparkle in winter. When frost catches their plumes and spikes and the sun glints through it, you will get great pleasure.

Ornamental grasses combine well with flowering perennials and shrubs. They offer a rich and interesting contrast with emerald evergreens, bright crimson berries and crisp white snow.  In addition, many are a source of food and shelter for birds.

Here is a list of ornamental grasses that will help you create beautiful winter scenes and let you enjoy the winter season in a beautiful new way. Quickly growing, they make impressive clumps within only 2 or 3 years.