Native to North America and Central America, Helenium is a great perennial for the late season garden as it provides weeks of splashes of color, from early summer to early fall, when many other perennials are starting to fade. It is commonly known as 'Sneezeweed' due to the ancient use of its dried leaves in making snuff, inhaled to help sneezing and rid the body of evil spirits.

  • Featuring daisy-like flowers in a wide array of hot colors, from light yellow to dark red, Helenium can grow up to 3-5 ft. tall (90-150 cm) with a spread of 1-2 ft (30-60 cm). The showy petals surround a spherical brown cone covered with golden pollen that attracts butterflies.
  • Helenium look tremendous paired with almost anything, but especially with grasses, and look stunning planted in mass. Well suited for cottage gardens, prairie plantings or naturalistic areas.
  • Helenium make very attractive cut flowers
  • Helenium are great for wildlife. Bees and butterflies love them as they flower in summer, and birds pick over the seed heads in winter. 
  • Helenium are deer resistant
  • Full sun lovers, Helenium are very hardy and enjoy average, medium to wet soils. They prefer rich, moist soils and struggle in dry soils. Regular watering matters for profuse blossoms!
  • Deadheading will extend the flowering season. Once flowering has ceased and the plant has died back the stems should be cut down.
  • The best time to plant them is in spring