Primarily grown as a ground cover in moist to wet areas, Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' is a wide-spreading perennial with aromatic green leaves (when bruised), beautifully variegated with shades of red, pink, yellow or cream which contrast the bright red stems. Tiny, inconspicuous white flowers appear in late spring to early summer. 

  • Vigorous, this deciduous perennial reaches 9-18 in. in height (22-45 cm) and spreads 12-24 in. wide (30-60 cm). This plant spreads invasively by rhizomes and may need to be restrained. 
  • This sturdy performer is easy to grow and generally pest and disease free. 
  • Performs best in full sun or part shade, in reliably moist, humus-rich, fertile soils. May be planted in shallow pond margins (tolerates up to 2 in. 95 cm) of standing water over the crowns). Full shade tolerance but best foliage color is obtained in full sun.
  • A spectacular addition to beds, borders, cottage gardens, near ponds and streamsunderplanting roses and shrubs or containers and is an excellent choice as a groundcover or edging plant.