Low-growing but extremely showy, Aromatic Aster 'October Skies' (Symphyotrichum Oblongifolium) creates mounds of radiant color from late summer to fall with its profuse, rich sky-blue daisy-like flowers with deep yellow centers. The aromatic, bushy, rich blue-green foliage creates a lovely backdrop to these charming flowers. Native to North America, this fall Aster is easy to grow, long lived, brings cheerful fall color and is a great source of nectar for butterflies. 

  • Typically grows as a compact, multi-stemmed bush, up to 18-24 in. tall (45-60 cm) and 20-24 in. wide (50-60 cm). Deer and rabbit resistant!
  • Thrives in full sun in averagedry to medium moisturewell-drained soils. Sandy or clay soils are welcomed. Provide good air circulation to avoid foliage diseases such as powdery mildew. Drought, salt and poor soil tolerant!
  • Vital ingredient of late summer and fall borderscottage gardensprairies or butterfly gardens. Perfect for containers and small gardens. Valued for the excellent quality of its cut flowers.
  • Asters are a must if you are trying to attract birds or butterflies!
  • Pinch back stems before midsummer to promote bushiness, produce a greater number of flowers and to control the plant height (to avoid flopping by the plant). Asters may self-seed if grown in ideal conditions. Cutting back after flowering will prevent undesired self-seeding.